Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Recommended Web Designing & Development Process

Every type of Business need to have websites and different web solutions that can provide that differentiate them from their rivals and offer them a competitive edge. It is  imperative that the web development company complies to a proper web designing and development procedure and thus create industry compliant solutions for their clients.

The most important questions to be answered is “What will be a recommended web design and development process”. The recommended web design and development process can be explained as a well thought process that consists of industry analysis, planning and website designing followed by an industry compliant coding standard based development stage. A process like this will help the web designing company India in crafting highly professional and advanced web applications that can greatly uplift the identity of any business and can help in business growth.
While it is not possible to idealize a particular process however, a recommended approach mentioned below would surely improvise the development process.

First Step: Careful Planning Is The Key: Each and every web designing project must initiate with thoughtful planning that is executed precisely and exclusively for a particular project in hand. The foremost thing that you needs to be done is an efficient requirement gathering and analysis. As a web designing company india should indulge with the client in order to understand their exact business requirements. With this information, an initial site map is to be created. Now, once the complete requirements are handy and the site map is fully refined, an explanation about the expenses and the time duration for the project at this stage will be beneficial to avoid later conflicts.

Second Step: Crafting Of The Web Design: The implementation of web design is the next step is the process line. Now the web designer has the task of designing the web pages including the required elements of the page. To execute this step in the efficient manner, a web designer is expected to have expertise over various designing tools such as Photoshop etc. in order to draw the mockups. The mockup undergoes a series of revisions and on receiving the client approval, work on the HTML and XML coding initiates.

Third Step: Coding The Website & Implementation: Post completion of the designing phase, the process moves on to the web development stage. The task at this stage of the process includes server side scripting and integration of the functionality into the web application. The experience and the knowledge of the developer is very critical aspect of this stage as the initial version of the application forms the base for the future enhancements to take place therefore, the initial version shall offer full flexibility & scalability. However, this phase of development  can be efficiently completed if the website developers are well experienced and have good knowledge about best industry practices. Worth mentioning a note, a properly documented development phase always come handy for future and reduces risk of dependency to any particular web development company.

Fourth Step: Testing: Testing is an activity that does not take place post project completion but is carried out right from the first stage of requirements gathering and lasts till the project is the successfully implemented to the clients server. It is one of the most important stages of the website design and development process and should be conducted in a professional manner. The errors that are missed out during any step of the web designing process can cost heavily and hence the importance of testing can't be underestimated.
What determines the success or failure of the web project is not only the execution of each step by the efficiency of each stage of the process. Each stage should be performed by the domain specialists to ensure a successful web project.

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