Saturday, 6 April 2013

Grow Your Business using Wordpress Content Management System

Each time a business strategies about designing their web identity, the first question that comes to their mind is the selection of a right content management system (CMS). Among the diverse range of CMS systems available to choose from,  WordPress would be a right solution for such businesses due to its proven benefits (Also Read: Wordpress is Getting Popular). It is one of the most popular free blogging system that facilitate a user friendly and yet, a powerful CMS. Easy installation, availability of great collection of themes, plethora of plugin support, community support, flexibility and scalability makes it an ideal option for businesses looking to expand beyond their physical stores. The importance of social media for businesses is well known and Wordpress understand this very well therefore, it provides the facility of sharing information across all major social media platforms. In this article we are going to provide important elements that should be implemented to extract full advantage of Wordpress for your business. 

Everyone like freshness: Content is an important aspect of any website and it is indispensable to keep the content fresh. WordPress comes with a user-friendly interface using which you can add new pages to your website, edit the existing ones and manage the navigation, all by yourself. Always remember, you need to give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your site and appealing content increases the probability of retaining and attracting online visitors.

Can't ignore social media: As per the recent internet research on marketing trends, 43% of people in the age-group 20-30 spend more than 10 hours a week on social media platforms. Marketers have to be present where their target audience is and therefore, social media has become a necessary platform to touch base and showcase your offerings.  The social media has covered a lot of ground and it is not easy to have presence everywhere however, major networks like having a FaceBook fan page, a Twitter profile, a Linkedin profile, a Pinterest profile is a must. You might have chosen an exceptional wordpress development company in India or elsewhere however, choosing a strategic marketing partner is as important.  Such networks can help you spread information among your prospective clients and an opportunity of keeping your content fresh.

Don't undermine the importance of a Blog: Blogs have been used since the inception of internet and still the best tool for generating traffic for a website. It allows you to share your business vision, your domain knowledge, product information and important announcements with your customers and prospects. For instance, if you are a realtor and maintains a real estate web design site you can share your specific services and USP in the geographical area of operation. Also, you can address the changing real estate trends in your local market and your views to government policy changes in real estate sector on your official blog.

Blogging is not a kids play, take it seriously: Writing is an art as well as science therefore, it has to be taken carefully. In  order to get it right, you can read the latest happenings, review what others have to say about topics of your interest and  consistently do guest postings on high-traffic blogs as it brings quality audience back to your blog. The success factor would definitely depend upon the topics that you choose to write as it should be of interest to audience you are targeting and the quality of writing, as that's something on which the complete game revolves.

Customization would add up to the advantage: You as a business, has knowledge about your industry which only you can bring forward while developing your website. Therefore, when you chose a company for your wordpress development in India share your industry experience, the best practices etc. with your developer. This would go a long way in ensuring that right type of customer experience is created on your website which would directly correspond to the behavior of the online visitor searching information about your industry domain. A business that successfully demonstrates its leadership and expertise in a particular domain, is bound to receive high quality leads.


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