Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WordPress : Powerful and Cost Effective Content Management System

As you go on and surf internet, you'll get to see numerous of websites crafted using  WordPress CMS and its popularity is exceeding with each day. WordPress isn’t built to built for extremely complex applications but there are lot of exciting features which lures web developers to suggest it as a solution to its clients, which is in turn loved by their clients
Wordpress has positioned itself as the most user-friendly and hassle-free product among all the prominent content management systems. It is equipped with plethora of features, simplified enough, to make development for the web developers and long term maintenance for end users an easy & enjoyable job. Let’s discuss in details what has led WordPress to achieve and sustain the penultimate position for so long:

1.  WordPress is an Open Source and hence can be downloaded for free:  WordPress comes for free and can be downloaded on a single click from wordpress.org/download/. 

2. Huge Community Support: Wordpress has huge community support like forums, discussion boards etc. that makes journey easy for a web developer a cake walk. Also, being a CMS for masses there are thousands of sites providing premium wordpress themes and that too starting at just $49. Therefore, due to the availability of abundance support, the overall cost of development and maintenance of a WordPress site/ blog is extremely low. Another important reason for the popularity !

3. User Friendly: WordPress is a completely 'Do It Yourself' system. It comprehends a well-crafted administration console which can easily be used by non-technical website owners to manage their sites thereby, reducing the dependency on the developers. With this console, users can them self manage their site content, mange site pages,  navigation  uploading of images, managing themes, adding blogs and much more. With this user-friendly interface, the website owner not only reduces cost but a lot of time, which is the prime reason behind its ever increasing popularity.

3.  Plugin-Support: One of the important aspects of WordPress is its flexibility of customization to suit each business's unique needs. Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress and they play a very important role in easy customization of the WordPress site. Plugins offer custom features so that each user can tailor their blog to their specific needs and as the name suggests, its just plug and play. On one button installation, you can enhance the power of basis WordPress site to accommodate SEO support, advance sliders, social media support, advanced jQuery options, security enhancement, ecommerce support and the list is never ending...

4.  Multi-user management: Multiple users can be created for the same WordPress site with varied levels of access permissions. A WordPress site owner can take advantage of this feature by defining multiple roles for their staff members and based on their access permissions, they can perform their respective tasks and manage the site while, the complete control still rests with the site owner.  

5.  Anywhere - Anytime access:  Being a hosted solution, the administration console can be accessed from anywhere on the globe and be used to manage site anytime. A computer and internet access is all it requires.

Before the WordPress's evolution the game was not so simple and website development/ management easily gave panic attacks to many business owners. But with the advent of WordPress, the ball has rolled in the court of website owners and power now rests in their hands. A business owner may start by hiring a professional organization for WordPress development in India or any other outsourcing hub and get their corporate portal ready quickly, which can easily be self serviced thereafter. 

Therefore, Go and benefit from the power of WordPress !


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