Monday, 11 March 2013

Secrets of Effective Real Estate Web Design

It is a well known to professionals from the Real estate sector that just like its imperative to have a strong foundation for a beautiful home, knowledge and application of the basic rules of web design goes a long way to generate more quality leads. In this article, we'll be disclose some secrets that you can use for your benefit and make your real estate website design stand higher than competitors.

Get your first impression right

The first time your prospect sees your web identity, it should portray what it is intended to do. It is estimated that an online visitor generally spends few seconds to make his/her opinion about a website and thus, the message has to be efficient in order to attract and retain the right traffic. User experience plays a major role in success or failure of a web design and this is defined by a mix of factors like how the prospect feels when they land on your site, how user-friendly is the site, is it cluttered or hassle-free, how is the navigation defined and much-more.

Therefore, be a part of the UI/UX process and bring your real estate domain knowledge into practice, a web designer can provide you with appealing design but its effectiveness will come from your inputs.

Content is the soul

If the visually appealing design can attract the visitor for the first time, it is the sites' content that will actually convince the prospect to stay on the website for longer or forbid them from switching. Be the resource center for online visitors seeking information about certain topics, be it the latest real-estate trends, a new government policy for housing, interest rate cuts by banks, new project launches etc. People search web for a purpose and the site that actually wins these people are the ones that addresses their pain point.

Understand your customer

Understand the purpose for a prospect surfing internet and address that through your website. For instance, a prospect searching information for newly launched housing projects would require specific details about new launches in a particular area, information about the developers, the relevant dimensions,  payment options, site visits, pricing details and last but not the least, your contact details for them to reach you easily.

Mobility is the need of the hour

People have got powerful hand held devices and fast internet to support them so, there has been a considerable shift in the amount of users (that are only increasing by each day) from web to searching information on their devices. There are two options that could be considered here and it is either to opt for a mobile website development or to go for responsive web design.

Give your target audience a reason to keep coming back to your website

It’s imperative to keep your website updated with the latest and most recent information. Plan with your
 real estate web development company for the IDX solutions as it will allow you to
get information of latest properties in form of listing directly on to your site.

You may choose a company for web design in India or anywhere else but these secrets would assist you to remain vigilant with the chosen company. Be a part of the project throughout its execution to bring forward your domain knowledge and let your web development company convert them into an effective web identity for your real estate business.

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