Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Selecting a right Wordpress Development Company

Online branding has become an indispensable option for any businesses which are present on web. Today every businesses is looking to position themselves and thus are sanctioning huge dollar budgets for their online marketing strategy implementation. With the changing eCommerce trends, the online marketing has come off from initial concentration to aspects like SEO, PPC etc.to advance concepts like remarketing and advanced web analytic's, even measuring customers online behavior. One of the important ingredient of online marketing and to convey organizations message, companies develop and maintain elegant blogs. Therefore, if you are eyeing for a long term innings in web space having a great blog would go a long wa in your online marketing efforts. When developing your online communication medium, it is important to ensure that an uncompromising and a world-class blog identity is established, the same requires selection of a right WordPress Development company as the foremost step.

Following below given steps to hire the most suitable developer for your job.

Understand your Goals & Requirements: It is about choosing a right partner that can align with your business requirements and vision and not vice-versa. Therefore, the first step in your quest for hiring a right company for your wordpress project, is to ascertain your business requirements, your expectations, deliverable's, time-line and budget. It is only when you know what you are searching for, that you'd actually
go forward for a successful and meaningful search for a right development company. This preparation could be in form of wire-frames describing project requirements, list of reference/ competitor sites, particular elements from different sites that you like, launch date for the application and the $$$ you are looking to put forward for the initial launch.

Shortlist Top Service Provides: After you have formulated the list of requirements and you are clear about your goals, now is the time go forward to shortlist some of the fine companies for your web development outsourcing requirements. Search on internet about major wordpress development companies and review their portfolios to prepare a tentative list of providers which you can use as a base to reach the best one.

Research your Shortlisted Service Providers: Once you have prepared the list of shortlisted service providers, now you need to dig in information about each service provider in depth. Check their portfolio in detail, see what are their quality levels and whether or no it matches your vision, check if they have done something similar to what you are after. Read about their clients, what type of reviews company has got over various review sites and if there are any complaints  Even in case of complaints, do not out rightly reject that company from your list, and especially if you like their work. See what is the nature of complaints, is it repeating time and again, is it the same person shouting everywhere and if they are genuine. Also, while checking their work you measure their websites on different parameters like UI/UX, W3C validation, compatibility with different browsers, responsiveness, loading speed etc. to further narrow down the list.

Talk to the Final Set of Shortlisted Companies: The companies that made out to this round should be contacted for a one-to-one session with their representative via telephonic or video conferencing means. During the conference calls, understand their approach for project development, their engagement models, what they have to say about industry standards, what type of Quality Assurance provisions they adopt, what are their payment terms and what type of information they need to provide a formal quotation. When you'll talk to different organizations, you'd learn more about what they have to say about your project and these interactions would eventually assist you to find the players whom you are comfortable interacting.  Several such meetings in which you discuss their proposed solutions, will help you to get to the right service provider for your corporate website development needs.

Bind it in a Legal Agreement: Now since you have decided on the strategic technology partner for your project, the next step would be to enter into a legal contract so as to ensure a smooth sailing during the development process. Whether you have chosen a wordpress development company in India or elsewhere, you need to have a legal obligation in place, that talks specifically about payment terms, milestones, confidentiality  ownership rights, copyright etc.


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